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25 June 1873 - 18 December 1873

After James's fourth stroke of paralysis, the Whites decided to vacation in the Colorado mountains. They reached Denver on Wednesday evening, June 25, 1873 and were cordially welcomed at the Walling home. After the Sabbath, they started out for Golden City, in the mountains were they remained for four months.

Following much the same program and enjoying the same activities as they had on their previous sojourn here, including a camping trip, James regained his strength. The several months spent in Colorado had given him an opportunity to stand back and survey the cause as a whole. As he did so he wrote several articles for the Review proposing daring and broad steps for advance.

Rested and strengthened after their four months in Colorado, the Whites looked forward happily to continuing their journey to California. But God had other plans for them; he showed James that they should attend the General Conference session in Battle Creek. This they did and continued their journey to California on December 18, 1873.

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