Better Results Through Longer Meetings

July 1854 - October 1854

The use of a tent was a new approach in evangelism for Sabbathkeepers. Different plans were followed in the 14 tent meetings held in Michigan in the summer of 1854. The majority were two-day meetings in which Loughborough and Cornell gave a "condensed view of the prophecies, sanctuary, messages, and Sabbath, earnestly urging the people to obey." This moved some to act.

Several meetings were held a little longer than two or three days, and one meeting was held over three consecutive weekends. Wrote Loughborough:

It was not, however, until the Lord gave us instruction through the Spirit of Prophecy that we fully understood the best mode of prosecuting "the work of the ministry" in connection with tent labor (RH, Feb. 24, 1885).

He was pleased to report that "in almost every place where our tent was erected there were some to obey the truth, but we saw the best results where we tarried the longest."