The California Camp Meeting of 1881

15 October 1881

With the California camp meeting to be held in Sacramento in the offing, Ellen White, with her helpers, left Boulder for Oakland on October 2, 1881. Physically she was steadily gaining ground, and when the camp meeting opened on Thursday evening, October 13, at East Park Grove, she was there. In light of her severe illness, it was thought that she would not be able to speak much, but she spoke almost every afternoon.

J. H. Waggoner reported that her address Sabbath afternoon, October 15,"was equal to the best effort we ever knew her to put forth" (ST, Oct. 27, 1881). Waggoner added, "Besides this, her counsel was of great value throughout the meeting."

Perhaps the most important business item introduced at the meeting was to take steps "to establish a school by Seventh-day Adventists in California." A committee was appointed to carry this intention into effect as soon as possible; also to examine and report in regard to a permanent location. A school board was elected, with W. C. White as chairman. In addition to J. H. Waggoner, editor of the Signs, five prominent businessmen and farmers served on the board.