Called to Ministry

At about the age of 21, Canright felt the call to the ministry. He went to Battle Creek, sought out James White, and spent an hour with him. White related the incident:

I said to him, "Do not content yourself with being a small preacher, but be somebody, or die trying. Do not go out to be a pet, but go out into the field, with the weight of the work upon you, with steady principles, and stand your ground."

The last thing I did was to present him with one of our English Bibles, and a pair of charts, saying as I did so, "Here, Dudley, take these, and go out and try it. When you become satisfied that you have made a mistake, bring them back."

The next May, at the conference, I met him and asked him, "What about those charts and the Bible?"

He replied, "Brother White, you have lost them."

Thank God! I would like to lose more in the same way. We raised means to purchase a library for Brother Canright and Brother Van Horn. And said I to them, "When you study, study with all your might, and when you visit, visit with all your might, and exercise briskly. Whatever you do, do it with all your might" (ibid., May 20, 1873 [see also Carrie Johnson, I Was Canright's Secretary, pp. 12-14]).

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