The Camp Meeting at Wright, Michigan

01 September 1868 - 07 September 1868

From September 1 to 6, 1868, the first annual Adventist Camp Meeting was conducted at Wright, Michigan. Meetings were to be held in a natural amphitheater, the ground gently sloping to the speaker's stand. As the wagons drove up, family and church tents were unloaded and pitched in a circle around the speaker's standó22 in all.

The first brief meeting was held Tuesday morning at 11:00, but it was limited to a season of prayer. The rest of the day was given to pitching tents and getting settled. Cooking was done on small open fires. The meeting area in front of the stand was seated with planks on logs. Close by was a bookstand well supplied with the products of the SDA Publishing House.

The camp meeting had its real beginning when at 5:00 in the afternoon those on the grounds assembled under the sugar maple trees facing the speaker's stand. Ellen White gave what might be called the keynote address. Through the week of meetings, 16 discourses were given.

Uriah Smith reported of the weeklong convocation that "best of order reigned throughout, and no disturbance was experienced from any quarter" (RH, Sept. 15, 1868).