Caravan to Hot Sulphur Springs

02 September 1872 - 13 September 1872

In September 1872, the Whites went on a trip with Mr. Walling, Ellen's Brother in Law, to Hot Sulphur Springs. On the journey, Ellen was involved in a bad accident. She had her pony well under control when the strap holding her bedding roll gave away. The pony threw her over his back and she struck her back and her head.

They soon became satisfied that bones were not broken. Neither could they discover external injuries of any kind. Hydrotherapy was applied because they feared internal injuries. Ellen improved and decided to move on their journey. But Ellen's injuries were more extensive than at first fully sensed, and she suffered for many years.

As they crossed the continental divide they reached the 11,000-foot mark. Then they had to descend and were sometimes in danger of slipping over their horse's head. But it was worth it. After an easy trip across the valley they reached Hot Sulphur Springs and spend a week there.