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28 July 1849

The articles that followed James White's opening editorial explanation carried such titles as "The Weekly Sabbath Instituted at Creation, and Not at Sinai"; "The Sabbath a Perpetual Weekly Memorial"; "The Law of God, or the Ten Commandments"; "Scriptures Usually Quoted to Prove the Abolition of the Sabbath Examined." He declared that the little sheet was free to all, then added, "Those who are interested in Present Truth, and esteem it a privilege, are invited to help pay the expense." To swell the mailing list, he asked:

Will some brother or sister in each place where this sheet is received send me in plain writing the names and post office address of all who are seeking present truth. Write soon. My post office address is Middletown, Connecticut (PT, July 1849).

The precise date when the Present Truth was brought home, prayed over, folded, addressed, and mailed is not recorded, but it was late July 1849. Almost simultaneously there was an important event in the White family, and that does carry a date. Ellen White wrote: "July 28, 1849, my second child, James Edson White, was born" (1LS, p. 260).

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