Cottrell's Respond

22 March 1860

James White had closed his statement in the Review, laying before the church the matter of the need for organization of the publishing interests with the words "If any object to our suggestions, will they please write out a plan on which we as a people can act?" (RH, Feb. 23, 1860). The first minister in the field to respond was R. F. Cottrell, a stalwart corresponding editor of the Review. His immediate reaction was decidedly negative:

Brother White has asked the brethren to speak in relation to his proposition to secure the property of the church. I do not know precisely what measure he intends in this suggestion, but understand it is to get incorporated as a religious body according to law. For myself, I think it would be wrong to "make us a name," since that lies at the foundation of Babylon. I do not think God would approve of it (ibid., Mar. 22, 1860).

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