March 1876

At the special session of the General Conference that had been held in late March, James White had participated in laying plans that called for one meeting to follow another, week by week, usually with a parting meeting Tuesday morning. The first meeting was now in the past, but there were 13 more to attend: Missouri, Iowa, two in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, New York, Indiana, Michigan (including the General Conference session), and Illinois.

On one occasion Ellen, writing from the campground to Willie and Mary, said, "Children, I believe it was my duty to attend this meeting. I am coming out all right as far as health is concerned if I rest and do not labor too hard" (letter 30, 1876).

Another time she reported that James was so "fearfully worn" that she took the principal burden through the meeting (letter 34, 1876).

At the close of the sixth meeting in July they had a breathing spell until the series in the East would begin on August 10.

She reported in a letter:

I have kept on the strain so long I am now finding my level and I am not very intelligent. We cannot, Father, Mary, or myself, do anything now. We are debilitated and run down like an old clock (letter 33, 1876).

After getting some rest, Ellen White picked up her work of writing on the life of Christ. It was a rugged season.