Difficult Times for James and Ellen White

October 1850 - December 1851

James and Ellen White faced difficult times after they moved to Paris, Maine in October 1850. They suffered many privations and were willing to live cheaply that the paper might be sustained.

At the Waterbury conference they ran into distressing criticism. A whispering campaign had been started against James White in which many joined. One discouraging episode followed another. Severe colds that took hold of him on the journey to and from Waterbury settled in James's lungs.

When the situation finally came to the point where James planned on giving up the paper, Ellen had a vision in which she was shown that her husband must continue to publish.

With the end of volume 1, James thought it would be well to find a more central place from which to send out the paper and other printed materials. They found a place near Saratoga Springs and set up housekeeping. Soon others lived with them to help publishing.

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