The Discussion About Adopting a Name

Cautiously the conference moved into this highly sensitive area. Brother Poole feared that to adopt a general name would hurt them as a people. J. B. Frisbie was opposed to a sectarian name but saw the need for some uniformity of the terms by which the body of Sabbathkeepers would be known. Moses Hull thought that the churches in various places might be known as "the church worshiping on the seventh day in such and such places." James White stated that he did not see how they could get along without some name, and they could not hold property without a name. The law was specific on that point. He could not see that this would be going into Babylon. M. E. Cornell was articulate in expressing his feelings:

The commandments of God and the faith of Jesus is a distinguishing feature between us and the other denominations. . . . There is confusion inthe names already chosen; and if something is not done here, churches will go on choosing different names still. A general name will bring us into unity and not confusion (RH, Oct. 23, 1860).