Edson Stricken With Cholera

July 1852

The couple planned to take 3-year-old Edson with them. As the summer wore on, cholera struck Rochester with heavy mortality. Just as they were to start on their carriage tour east, little Edson was stricken. Their first resort, of course, was to pray for his healing."I took him in my arms," wrote Ellen White, "and in the name of Jesus rebuked the disease." He felt relief at once. As a sister commenced praying for the Lord to heal him, Edson looked up and said, "They need not pray any more, for the Lord has healed me" (3LS, p. 144). But James did not dare start on their journey until Edson had improved sufficiently to call for food. He did that afternoon, Wednesday, July 21, and they started, for they had nearly 100 miles (160 kilometers) to cover in the next two days to fill their first appointment at Oswego.

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