Ellen Attends the Camp Meeting at Healdsburg

October 1882

Camp meeting opened in early October in a grove about a half mile (one kilometer) from her home. Although very feeble and hardly able to leave her bed, she gave instruction at noon on the first Sabbath:

Prepare me a place in the large tent where I can hear the speaker. Possibly the sound of the speaker's voice will prove a blessing to me. I am hoping for something to bring new life (3LS, p. 262).

A sofa was arranged for her on the broad speaker's stand, and she was carried into the big tent and placed upon it. Those close by observed not only her weakness but also the deathly paleness of her face. Recalling the experience some years later, Ellen said that not only was the large tent full, but "it seemed as if nearly all Healdsburg was present" (letter 82, 1906).

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