Ellen in Good Physical Condition ever after

October 1882

Uriah Smith, who was present, in his report in the Review and Herald published October 31 mentioned that after the miraculous healing "she was able to attend meetings . . . as usual, and spoke six times with her ordinary strength of voice and clearness of thought." Referring to the experience, Ellen said, "It was as if one had been raised from the dead. . . . This sight the people in Healdsburg were to have as a witness for the truth" (letter 82, 1906).

This event, which seemed to be a turning point in her physical condition, opened the way for a strong ministry. In reporting her two-month illness, she remarked that she had expected it would gradually pass. Instead, she was healed instantaneously.

She was glad to be in the large group that during the camp meeting went to see the new college. First was the visit to the new buildingóthe boardinghouse under constructionóand then the school building. A brief dedication service was held in the "audience room," which could not contain all the visitors. After Waggoner offered the dedicatory prayer, Ellen called for singing a verse of "Hold the Fort." The whole congregation sang heartily.

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