Ellen Holds the Large Bible


The Bible Ellen called for after this experience in her home in Portland was, presumably, the "big Bible" now in the White Estate vault with the names of Robert and Eunice Harmon stamped in gold on the spine. This Bible is 18 inches (46 centimeters) long, 11 inches (28 centimeters) wide, four inches (10 centimeters) thick, and weighs 18Ω pounds (seven kilograms). On one occasion, during family prayers in 1845, Ellen stepped over to a bureau upon which this large volume rested and picked it up. Placing it on her left hand, she easily held it with her arm extended for an estimated half hour. During the vision she referred, in short exclamations, to the value of the Word of God. Although in frail health she was in no way fatigued by the experience.

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