Ellen Moves to Powell Street

August 1882

But as the home on West Dry Creek Road was several miles from the town of Healdsburg, and she wanted to be closer to the college, early in August she bought a two-story house on Powell Street, which bordered the town. It stood on a two-and-a-half-acre (one-hectare) tract of good land with an orchard of fruit trees of choice varieties. As the college's "boardinghouse" was still under construction, her house was at once fitted up to board the carpenters. She canned a heavy yield of plums and peaches for the college and the health retreat at St. Helena. W. C. White reported that "Mother engaged in this work with great interest, saying, in answer to our cautions, that it was a rest to her weary brain" (RH, Sept. 26, 1882). When she was on the West Coast, this was her home until she went to Australia in 1891.

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