Ellen in Poland, Maine

January 1845

In late January 1845, Ellen was invited by her Sister Mary to come and visit her in Poland, Maine. In the bitter cold and in spite of feeble health, she made the 30-mile (50-kilometer) journey with her brother-in-lawócrouched on the bottom of the sleigh with a buffalo robe over her head. When she reached Poland she learned that there would soon be a meeting of the Adventists at the little chapel on McGuire's Hill. Mary invited Ellen to attend. She consented, and at the meeting stood to relate what God had shown her in vision. For five minutes she spoke in only a whisper, then her voice broke clear and she addressed the audience for nearly two hours. This was the first time that she related her vision outside of Portland. She reported, "In this meeting the power of the Lord came upon me and on the people" (1LS, p. 196).

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