Ellen Returns to Battle Creek

26 July 1880 - 28 July 1880

After she attended various meetings in Oregon and Washington, Ellen White ministered in northern California for a few weeks, speaking several times in the tent in Chico. In her mind she debated as to whether she should remain in California or return East to attend the later camp meetings. Then she received a letter from James, written July 21, 1880:

My dear wife, the enclosed is a sample of the appeals that are coming to me for you to attend our camp meeting. Such appeals are coming to me from Maine to Dakota, and from Michigan to Kentucky. I have nothing to say, only that it seems to me that our testimony was never needed so much in the wide field as at the present time.

From Oakland she responded by telegram that she expected to be in Battle Creek August 4. That would be on a Wednesday (RH, July 29, 1880).

With Lucinda Hall she took the train for the trip east on Monday, July 26. Traveling by "slow train"óit cost lessóthey were nine days on the way, arriving Wednesday noon (ST, Aug. 26, 1880).

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