Ellen Speaks at the Camp Meeting and is Miraculously Healed

October 1882

J. H. Waggoner, editor of the Signs of the Times, spoke that Sabbath afternoon "on the rise and early work of the message, and its progress and present state" (ST, Oct. 26, 1882). When Waggoner had finished his address, Ellen turned to Willie and Mrs. Ings, who were at her side, and said, "Will you help me up, and assist me to stand on my feet while I say a few words?" They aided her to the desk." For five minutes I stood there," she later recalled, "trying to speak, and thinking that it was the last speech I should ever makeómy farewell message." With both hands she steadied herself at the pulpit.

All at once I felt a power come upon me, like a shock of electricity. It passed through my body and up to my head. The people said that they plainly saw the blood mounting to my lips, my ears, my cheeks, my forehead (letter 82, 1906).

Every eye in the audience seemed fixed on her. Mr. Montrose, a businessman from the town, stood to his feet and exclaimed, "We are seeing a miracle performed before our eyes; Mrs. White is healed!" (WCW account). Her voice strengthened, her sentences came clear and full, and she bore a testimony such as the audience had never before heard. Waggoner filled out the story in his report in the Signs:

Her voice and appearance changed, and she spoke for some time with clearness and energy. She then invited those who wished to make a start in the service of God, and those who were far backslidden, to come forward, and a goodly number answered to the call (ST, Oct. 26, 1882).