Ellen White Faints and is Taken off in Vision

04 June 1859

Ellen White was ill and discouraged and too feeble to attend this meeting. She did go to the tent meeting the following Sunday, but was too miserable to enjoy it. She soon wrote of the experience in introducing the pamphlet Testimony No. 5. Here she mentioned that her disease of the heart had a tendency "to depress" her spirits and "destroy" her "faith and courage." Often as she retired at night she felt that her life might be cut short at any moment. She reported that it was at this point that she fainted at midnight on this occasion, presumably Sunday, June 4.

Brethren Andrews and Loughborough were sent for, and offered earnest petitions to God in her behalf. She was taken off in vision. The heavy weight and depression were lifted from her heart and she was shown a number of things to present to the church (1T, p. 185).

Among other things, God showed her that the plan of systematic benevolence is pleasing him.