Ellen White's First Book

July 1849 - November 1855

The visions troubled many. So James White cautiously refrained from publishing the 13 issues of volume 1 of the combined Review journal issued at Paris, Maine. Though he planned the issuance of Extras of the Review, containing the visions, only for believers.

As they were publishing the Extra they decided to turn to a book as a means of making the visions available in permanent form.

So in 1851 Ellen White's first little 64-page book, which presented many of the visions of the previous seven years, had been published and circulated. But with the intent of not offending the general public, the Review was silent on the visions. During its first five years the Review had not included even one vision given by God to Ellen White

This was changed after a conference in November 1855. From then on the Spirit of Prophecy was given its rightful place in the church paper.

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