On to Emporia

17 May 1879 - 20 May 1879

In May 1879 the Whites, together with some other Adventist fellows, were on their way from Texas to the Kansas camp meeting at Emporia. When they reached southeastern Kansas, Ellen White spoke Sabbath afternoon and evening in a schoolhouse close to where they camped. The meetings were well attended, and she pressed home the subject of temperance and the necessity of self-denial and self-sacrifice in order to preserve physical, mental, and moral health.

James White had called for the Kansas camp meeting to be postponed for a week beyond the time first announced in the Review, but the Glovers had not received the word, hence had already left for Emporia. This led to a rapid change in plans. With less than an hour's time, the Whites took their two trunks and without changing from their camping attire, caught the train for Emporia, leaving the rest of the party to continue the journey with the wagons.

They arrived at Emporia two days before the opening of the camp meeting and were cordially received.

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