Fanaticism in Boston and Vicinity

1845 - 1846

By invitation of Brother and Sister Otis Nichols, Ellen and her sister Sarah were in Massachusetts making their home with the Nichols family. There was in Boston and vicinity a company of fanatical persons who held that it was a sin to work. Their leaders had denounced Ellen's visions as being of the devil because she had been shown their errors. Ellen attended one of their meetings in Randolph. During prayer, she was taken off in vision. The leaders of the fanatical company were much exasperated as well as excited to hear Sister White talk in vision, which they declared was of the devil. They exhausted all their influence and bodily strength to destroy the effect of the vision - but it didn´t work: Ellen's clear and shrill voice as she talked in vision was distinctly heard by all present.

Mr. Thayer, the owner of the house, was not fully satisfied that her vision was of the devil, as they declared it to be. He took a heavy, large quarto family Bible which was lying on the table and seldom used, opened it, and laid it open upon the breast of Ellen while in vision. She arose from her feet and walked into the middle of the room, with the Bible open in one hand and lifted up as high as she could reach, and with her eyes steadily looking upward. While the Bible was extended in one hand and her eyes [were] looking upward and not on the Bible, she turned over the leaves with the other hand and placed her finger upon certain passages and correctly uttered their words with a solemn voice.

When Ellen arose in vision upon her feet with the heavy open Bible upon her hand, and walked the room uttering the passages of Scripture, the leaders were silent.

Not long after this these men confessed publicly to some of the most shameful acts of their lives. This had the effect of breaking up the meetings at Randolph and separating the honest believers from their unholy influence. Within a short time the "No-work Party" of fanatics gave up their faith in the Bible and scattered as Ellen had predicted.

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