The First Camp

26 April 1879 - 30 April 1879

"We have started on our journey to Colorado." From their camp James White wrote to children William and Mary; they were midway between Denison and the Red River, which separated Texas from the Indian Territory (Oklahoma). It was Sabbath, April 26, and the campers had been reading the Review, Good Health, and the Youth's Instructor.

Rains had delayed their getting off, and now the river was so high they would have to wait for the ferry.

Concerning the same camp Ellen White wrote in her diary:

We remained until [Wednesday] April 30 in a waiting position, for the sick to be able to travel [W. H. Moore, from food poisoning, having eaten some partly decomposed bear meat, and James Cornell; Moore was desperately ill, and even when he was well enough to travel at all, did so for many days on a mattress in one of the covered wagons] and the ferry so that we could cross. We then started on our way with eight covered wagons and one covered spring wagon with two seats. Thirty composed our party. About noon we crossed the ferry with special instruction to drive quickly as soon as off the boat because of danger through quicksands (MS 4, 1879).

We were having our first experience of overland journeying in transporting our sick and those too poor to pay car [railway] expenses, but the Lord cared for us (ibid.).

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