First Tent Meetings: Battle Creek

02 June 1854 - 11 June 1854

Quite naturally James and Ellen White had a special interest in the tent that he and Loughborough pitched in Battle Creek. Meetings were advertised for Friday, June 2, to Sunday, June 4. Thinking the meetings might run longer, the Whites hoped to get to Battle Creek in time to see the tent and preach in it. James wrote:

We had a great desire to be at the Battle Creek meeting, and to speak to the people in the tent at least once before our return home. And when we arrived in Battle Creek we were happy to learn that the brethren had a cheering meeting, and the tent was on its way to Grand Rapids to our last appointment (RH, July 4, 1854).

Loughborough described this first attempt at tent meetings. The tent was located, he reported, on "Van Buren Street, just above the railroad, near the planing mill." He and Cornell worked together in this new, promising evangelistic thrust. Loughborough later reported:

Here, June 10 (Sabbath), the writer opened the tent meetings with a discourse on Daniel 2. This meeting continued only two days, and then we took our tent to Grand Rapids (ibid., Feb. 24, 1885).

The Review and Herald of July 4, 1854, announced that 1,000 people attended the Sunday evening meeting, and a good interest was awakened.

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