The General Conference Session of 1874

04 August 1874 - 17 August 1874

On August 4, James White arrived in Battle Creek after he and his wife have been seperated for weeks. Two days later, on August 6, the Michigan camp meeting opened, during which the General Conference session would be held.

During his time alone in California, James's health had improved and so he spoke with great power throughout the eleven days of the meeting. Among other actions taken at this General Conference was the formation of the General Conference Tract and Missionary Society of Seventh-day Adventists and the sending of J. N. Andrews as a missionary to Europe.

When the nominating committee brought in its report, James's name headed the list, calling for him to be president of the General Conference. In the Review that carried the report of the General Conference, he presented his reactions to the sudden changes and challenges that this action would bring to them.

Accepting this challenge of leadership meant drastic changes in James's and Ellen's plans and lifestyle. Battle Creek would now be their base of operations. But with his usual zeal James made no delay in shaping up his plans and adapting his schedules.

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