General Counsels on Health

1862 - 1863

For the medical world, and for almost everyone, these were days of great ignorance in health lines. In the vision of June 6, 1863, not only was there opened to Ellen White the basic principles of healthful living, but a solemn commission was given to her that would have a bearing on her work and that of her husband for many years to come.

In connection with the scourge of diphteria in 1862 and 1863, the Review had little to offer terrified parents. The knowledge in health lines among Seventh-day Adventists was but little different from the average. By employing Dr. Jackson's method of treating diphteria, their two children were saved from diphteria. James and Ellen intended to visit Dr. Jackson's health institution "Our Home on the Hillside" in Dansville, New York. But prior to that, Ellen completed writing out the health vision of June 6, 1863. She did not want it to be said that what she presented as shown to her in vision could have been influenced by Dr. Jackson or anyone else.