George Butler Supports the School Idea

22 May 1872 - June 1872

George Butler, the new president of the General Conference, quickly joined in support of the school idea. On May 22 he wrote:

We want a school to be controlled by our people where influences of a moral character may be thrown around the pupils which will tend to preserve them from those influences which are so common and injurious in the majority of the schools of the present day; and in this school we want a department in which those who would labor in the ministry, or in other public positions of usefulness, may receive the instruction which will qualify them for the duties of those positions (RH, June 4, 1872).

Butler soon came in with a second article, titled "Mental Culture and the Pulpit." In it he emphasized the importance of a proper education for those who engage in the highest and noblest work God has committed to human beings.

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