Going to Dansville

18 August 1865 - 14 September 1865

For five weeks James was tenderly cared for by Ellen, joined by the Uriah Smiths, the George Amadons, and the M. J. Cornells (ibid., Nov. 7, 1865). Having spent a few weeks at "Our Home" in Dansville, New York, during the past year, Ellen White was convinced of the value of water as one of God's approved remedies, and having no confidence in the use of poisonous drugs, she turned to hydrotherapy. But this, in her worn-out condition, seemed more than she could undertake. There were none in Battle Creek who would dare to venture treating James with the little-known hydropathic remedies. This led her to consider taking him to Dansville. Dr. H. S. Lay, now in Battle Creek, was sent for and helped them decide that James should go back with him to "Our Home on the Hillside." And as will be seen from the notice placed in the Review by the acting editor, James White was not the only one who traveled with the doctor to Dansville:

Journeyed, from this city, Thursday, the fourteenth inst., in quest of rest and health, a Seventh-day Adventist invalid party consisting of the following named persons: Elder James White and wife, Elder J. N. Loughborough, Sr., M. F. Maxson, and the editor of the Adventist Review [Uriah Smith].

They were accompanied by Dr. H. S. Lay, recently by request from Dansville, New York, to which place they now direct their course. . . .We hope also these overworked and overburdened servants of the Lord will share largely in the prayers of the faithful, while they are obeying that very important, but much-neglected, command of Christ, to "rest a while" [Mark 6:31] (ibid., Sept. 19, 1865).