Health Institution Opened

May 1866 - September 1866

At the General Conference in May 1866, it was decided to build an adventist health institution. Within days, the residence of Judge Graves was purchased and a two-story structure for treatment rooms was erected. On the fifth of September, 1866, the institution was formally opened for patients and boarders. Ere a month passed, the rooms were filled with patients. More room was needed.

Ellen White sounded a note of caution: The greatest danger for such an institution would be of its managers' departing from the spirit of present truth and from simplicity.

The enthusiastic response from the general public led to premature plans for the rapid enlargement of the institution to accommodate all who applied for admission as patients. James and Ellen White watched the rapid developments with growing concern. Then, by vision, God gave direction to Ellen White: They needed to learn the lesson of waiting. But Ellen  knew she faced a difficult situation with those who were proceeding so enthusiastically in enlarging the health institute.

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