Henry: Death from Pneumonia

In November 1863, Henry White, the oldest son of James and Ellen White, took sick with pneumonia. James and Ellen were visiting the Abbeys in Brookfield, New York, but received the impression that they must return to their children. Henry's severe cold soon turned into pneumonia and was treated in the conventional manner, which called for the employment of poisonous drugs. His state of health failed rapidly and his parents did not hesitate to talk with him about death, and even to prepare for it. Henry's faith in Jesus remained firm. He confessed his waywardness and sins and was drannearer and nearer to God and enjoyed peace of mind and the blessinf of the Lord.

He made his mother promise him that he would be interred in Battle Creek and laid by the side of his little brother, John Herbert.

On several occasions Henry dictated short messages of admonition and assurance to young friends in Battle Creek. On the deathbed he said to his mother, "Mother, I shall meet you in heaven in the morning of the resurrection, for I know you will be there." He then beckoned to his brothers, parents, and friends, and gave them all a parting kiss, after which he pointed upward and whispered, "Heaven is sweet." These were his last words.

Funeral services were held both in Topsham and in Battle Creek. Both parents and the two remaining sons felt the blow most keenly, but God comforted the White family in their bereavement.

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