At Home in Santa Rosa

28 December 1873 - May 1874

At the end of December 1873, James and Ellen arrived in California, where they lived in their new residence in Santa Rosa. The officers of the California Conference rejoiced in the reports of the victories won in Battle Creek.

The home of James and Ellen seemed to be a center of attraction to many visitors and a place where the state conferences were held. On the night of April 1 a dream was given to Ellen White in which God showed her that they should pitch their evangelistic tents also in the large cities. At the quarterly meeting that began in Bloomfield on April 24, Ellen urged the workers to fish in the deep waters like San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Clara and San Jose.

Ellen's appeal set the workers on fire for God. A few days later they made an evangelistic thrust in Oakland. The Whites rented a farm four miles from the city and moved in.

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