The Invitation to the Conference

03 June 1859 - 06 June 1859

Because James White was eager to have the largest possible representation present for the consideration of plans for the financial support of the growing church, he placed several notices in the Review to believers "east, west, north, and south" to attend a conference at Battle Creek, Friday, June 3, to Monday, June 6, 1859. He was especially eager for a good attendance, for it was his plan to promote Systematic Benevolence.

The people were told to make provision for their own entertainment." It will be impossible," he wrote, "to supply all with beds, or all their horses with room. Our sleeping rooms will be given up to females to be made as comfortable as possible, in camp meeting style. The brethren will have the next-best chance in our barns, in the tent, or on unoccupied floors in our houses. Blankets and buffalo robes will be in good demand" (RH, Apr. 21, 1859).

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