James and Ellen Speaking Several Times

May 1879

Sunday morning they were on their way again. As they camped for the night at a place referred to as Stone Wall, she reported to the children at Battle Creek:

We have reached thus far on our journey to Colorado. We have traveled four days. Rested yesterday. Spoke under our tent to our party of thirty-one. Was very free in speaking. Today we picked nearly a quart of strawberries. I have just gathered a large bundle of greens to cook for our breakfast. While Father is buying water buckets and cornmeal, I am writing.

Father rides horseback a considerable part of the time. He is enjoying the journey much. . . .We are in sight of a meetinghouse. We are nowbeing urged to speak in the Indian Territory. We shall ride out, camp, and then return to meet with the people. We will thus work our way along, preaching as we go. I will finish this tomorrow morning. . . . Lastnight I spoke to one hundred people assembled in a respectable meetinghouse. We find here an excellent class of people. . . .

I had great freedom in presenting before them the love of God evidenced to man in the gift of His Son. All listened with the deepest interest. The Baptist minister arose and said we had heard the gospel that night and he hoped all would heed the words spoken (letter 36, 1879).

James White also spoke a short time, and the Whites were urged to remain and hold more meetings, but this could not be, for they needed to press on. It was a mile and a half (two and a half kilometers) back to the camp, but the success of the meeting warmed their hearts.

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