James Preaches and Gives Report at the GC Session

06 August 1874 - 17 August 1874

Evidently James's health had improved during his months alone in California. Throughout the 11 days of meetings he preached six times and spoke with "great power and clearness." Uriah Smith reported.

Never, we believe, did he make better points, or present the great truths of this message with more clearness and force. The involuntary response of many hearts was Thank God for the freedom He gives His servant, and the physical strength that is granted for the ardent labors into which his truth-inspired soul is constantly leading him (RH, Aug. 18, 1874).

Of course, James White brought an encouraging report of the work on the Pacific Coast. He told of his commencing to publish Signs of the Times, and of his vision for a publishing house to be established soon in the West. It was his hope to return shortly with the full endorsement of the General Conference and the promise of support for what was being done there.

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