James Proposes to Buy an Own Press

23 December 1851 - 17 February 1852

In December 1851 James and Ellen White left Saratoga Springs for a midwinter tour, visiting scattered groups of believers and churches in northern and western New York. James's report in the Review at the end of the seven-week tour was optimistic:

We reached home the thirteenth, and found our friends in good health and spirits. Sister [Annie] Smith, who has had the care of the paper in our absence, seems happy with her charge. Our health is improved by traveling. We are all very happy to see the cause of truth rapidly advancing (RH, Feb. 17, 1852).

On the back page of the same issue he made an interesting proposition regarding the work of publishing the message:

We think the time has come when a press should be owned by Sabbathkeepers. Now our work is being done on the Sabbath, which is very unpleasant and inconvenient. It also costs much more than it would if we had an office of our own. Will the committee take this matter in hand? (ibid.).

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