James Starts the Advent Review


God had shown Ellen White in vision the need for those now studying the prophecies to understand that the work done by the leaders in the Advent movement of 1844 was the work of God.

James said, "Now this is my first work. I expect to get out a journal called the Advent Review, sixteen pages, the size of the Present Truth." He declared his intention to republish the writings of the leaders of the Advent cause and to "show that they once boldly advocated, and published to the world, the same position . . . that we now occupy."

In August 1850 the Whites moved from the Belden home in Connecticut to the Harris home at Port Byron, New York. There James began his new journal, and had it printed in nearby Auburn. He explained the object of the paper in an opening editorial statement:

Our design in this review is to cheer and refresh the true believer, by showing the fulfillment of prophecy in the past wonderful work of God, in calling out, and separating from the world and the nominal church, a people who are looking for the second advent of the dear Saviour (AR, August 1850).

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