James White and Ellen Harmon Getting Married

1845 - 30 August 1846

One of the most difficult problems that confronted Ellen and her family at the beginning of her ministry was the matter of transportation. She was young, frail and in poor health. It was necessary that she should have one or more attendants.

James White, fully believing that her wonderful experience and work was of God, became satisfied that it was his duty to accompany them.

James and Ellen had been closely associated in travel and labor through much of 1845, but apparently neither had given thought to marriage. Then as her work would spread out into a larger field, they took the matter to the Lord and were convinced that God had a great work for both of them, and that they could greatly assist each other in that work.

So on Sunday, August 30, 1846, James Springer White and Ellen Gould Harmon stood before Charles Harding, justice of the peace, in Portland, Maine, and were married.

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