James White's Third Stroke of Paralysis

April 1865 - May 1865

In 1865, James was very busy in Battle Creek. Many burdens and much pressure laid upon him.

So on Tuesday, April 22, he had his third stroke of paralysis. The stroke was not as crippling as the first one, in August 1865. It was, however, the most severe. His right arm was partially paralyzed, but after getting anointed his arm was strengthened. He was soon able to engage in various activities, but with impaired strength, and at times with considerable suffering. James and Ellen fixed their eyes on Colorado, but it was too early in the year to go to the mountains, and there were matters in Battle Creek that they needed to care for. So they stayed on.

While waiting in Battle Creek for James to recoup his strength, they had a short visit from G. I. Butler, president of the General Conference.

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