James Working on the Charts

06 October 1863

James was eager to introduce the new charts into the field. In the Review of October 6 he reported:

The charts are both in the hands of the artist, and the work on them is progressing as fast as possible. We shall probably have some of them ready by the middle of October.

The prophetic chart will be much improved in arrangement from the one in use. The sanctuary and angels will be larger and bolder, so that all the figures upon the chart can be seen equally plain. From what we have already seen of the work, we judge that it will be a beautifully executed thing (RH, Oct. 6, 1863).

He projected a price of $2 for the prophetic chart and $1.50 for the one of the law. He commented that if the chart had been done two years earlier the cost of production would have been less than half: the cotton cloth, "the principal item of expense, that could have been bought two years since for 10 cents, is now 30" (ibid.).

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