The Large Cities Must Hear the Message of Warning

01 April 1874

They followed with great interest the work that Cornell and Canright were doing. These brethren studied plans for an evangelistic thrust with the California tent, being inclined to work the smaller towns.

Years ago, before Ellen had come to California, she had been impressed that methods of evangelism in California should be different from those in the East. She had written Elder Loughborough that the people in California must be approached in the liberal spirit in which they work.

On the night of April 1 a dream was given to Ellen White. She wrote:

I dreamed that several of the brethren in California were in council, considering the best plan for labor during the coming season. Some thought it wise to shun the large cities, and work in smaller places. My husband was earnestly urging that broader plans be laid, and more extended efforts be made, which would better compare with the character of our message.

Then a young man whom I had frequently seen in my dreams came into the council. He listened with interest to the words that were spoken, and then, speaking with deliberation and authoritative confidence, said:

"The cities and villages constitute a part of the Lord's vineyard. They must hear the messages of warning. . . . You are entertaining too limitedideas of the work for this time" (3LS, pp. 208, 209).

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