Loughborough and Bourdeau Feel the Call

May 1868

But James was not ready to let it drop there."Has no one had any impressions of duty with reference to the California field?" Up to this time J. N. Loughborough had remained silent; now he stood and spoke of his impressions and offered his services for work in the West.

Loughborough had come to the conference with the deep impression that he should go to California, but he had revealed this to no one. In no fewer than 20 dreams he seemed to be working there!

Loughborough reported on what followed:

Brother White then remarked, "When the Lord sent forth His servants, He sent them two and two, and it seems as though two ministers should go to that distant field." . . . Then Elder [D. T.] Bourdeau arose and stated how his mind had been exercised, and that he had come to the meetings with his companion and all his earthly substance ready to go where the conference might say (PUR, July 3, 1913).

White counseled, "Will Brethren Bourdeau and Loughborough pray over this together and separately until the day the Review goes to press, that they may be sure of the mind of the Lord in the matter?" (ibid.).