Ministering in Greenville, Michigan

29 January 1867

On January 29, 1867, the Whites left Wright and rode to Greenville, Montcalm County, a distance of 40 miles [64 kilometers]. Ellen described the trip:

It was the most severely cold day of the winter, and we were glad to find a shelter from the cold and storm at Brother Maynard's. This dear family welcomed us to their hearts and to their home. We remained in this vicinity six weeks, laboring with the churches at Greenville and Orleans, and making Brother Maynard's hospitable home our headquarters (1T, p. 575).

The activities in the Greenville area were much the same as those at Wright. Meetings were frequent, and both James and Ellen participated. She noted the improvement in her husband's health:

His labors were received by the people, and he was a great help to me in the work. . . . The Lord sustained him in every effort which he putforth. As he ventured, trusting in God, regardless of his feebleness, he gained strength and improved with every effort (ibid.).

With the prospect improving that the two would work together again, Ellen's feeling of "gratitude was unbounded." Subjects dealt with in depth were primarily Systematic Benevolence and health reform in its broad aspects. They found the Word more readily received there than at Wright, prejudice breaking away as plain truth was spoken (RH, Feb. 19, 1867).

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