Moving Into a New Home

19 December 1880

They instituted an immediate search for a place to make their home for the year before them. A three-acre (one-hectare) property in Grand Ledge was available but it did not suit. The house was run down. They finally settled on a three-story well-built brick home on a 30-acre (12-hectare) tract of land between the city of Battle Creek and Goguac Lake, a mile (two kilometers) from the city. It stood on a prominence overlooking Battle Creek, and on it was a young orchard of 225 treesóapples, pears, peaches, and cherries (JW to WCW, Nov. 3, 1880)óand an attractive 10-acre (four-hectare) oak grove. The 10-year-old house, explained Ellen, had "all the advantages of a country residence," and it could be secured for $6,000.

They moved in on Sunday, December 19. Observing that it would soon be Christmas, Ellen noted in a letter to a friend: "My Christmas will be spent in seeking Jesus to be a welcome guest in my heart. His presence will drive all the shadows away" (letter 51, 1880).

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