The Paper Printed, Prepared and Mailed

July 1849

Back and forth between Rocky Hill and Middletown, James White trudged the eight miles (13 kilometers), limping at each step (from an earlier foot injury), first with copy and then with proofs. When the sheets were finally printed, he borrowed Albert Belden's buggy to transport the 1,000 copies of the precious document to the Belden home. {WV 50.5}
Ellen White described the scene:

When he brought the first number from the printing office, we all bowed around it, asking the Lord, with humble hearts and many tears, to let His blessing rest upon the feeble effort of His servant (1LS, p. 260).

Together they folded the papers and prepared them for mailing. James "directed the paper to all he thought would read it," then carried the copies in a carpetbag to the post office.

The visions had given assurance that God's blessing would attend James White as he wrote; that money would come in as the papers were sent out and read. It would be a success from the first; but the most staggering prediction was that from this small beginning, it would be like "streams of light that went clear round the world."

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