The Place of the Vision in Confirming the Sanctuary Truth

1846 - 1847

Significantly, The Day-Star Extra dated February 7, 1846, had been devoted to the Bible study of Hiram Edson and O.R.L. Crosier in which they set forth from the Scriptures the evidence for the understanding that the two phases of ministry in the earthly sanctuary service were a type of Christ's ministry in the heavenly sanctuary. Consequently, according to Edson and Crosier, events that were to come to pass, beginning on October 22, 1844, were events taking place in heaven.

Ellen's vision, as published on March 14, gave unique confirmation to the conclusions of the Edson and Crosier Bible study.

Step by step God was leading His children. The disappointment of October 22 was a bitter experience, but they were confident that God had led them and would continue to lead those who kept their eyes on Jesus.

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