Publishing near Saratoga Springs

July 1851 - December 1851

With the end of volume 1, James thought it would be well to find a more central place from which to send out the paper and other printed materials. They began looking for a place near Saratoga Springs where they would be only a few miles from the printing office. Within a few days the Whites found a house, borrowed furniture from fellow believers, and set up housekeeping. The first number of volume 2 came from the press on August 5, 1851.

Ellen's sister Sarah and Stephen Belden (Sarah's husband) arrived soon to help with publishing. And Clarissa Bonfoey came, bringing 2-year-old Edson, who had been in her care. Soon 23-year-old Annie Smith, the very talented sister of Uriah Smith, joined the publishing family. She gave much-needed help in issuing the Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, the newly shortened name of the paper. Writing to the Howlands on November 12, Ellen White stated:

Annie Smith is with us. She is just the help we need; she takes right hold with James and helps him much. We can leave her now to get off the papers and can go out more among the flock (letter 8, 1851).

So through the fall and winter of 1851-1852 the Whites divided their time between publishing and field work.