A Shipboard Song Service


The White family were not the only Seventh-day Adventists on the river going to camp meeting. This gave an opportunity for an unwitting outreach in song, reported by James White:

A Shipboard Song Service

As the sun sank behind the bluffs on the Iowa side, the air grew cooler, and the evening was delightful. Our company was seated together in front of the clerk's office, on the bow of the boat, when we struck up the good tune and hymn "Resting By and By." This we did for our own diversion and devotion, not expecting to attract attention. But as soon as we had finished two verses and paused, hands were clapped and feet were tapped all around us, and as we looked around, our fellow passengers were all gathered forward standing just over our shoulders calling out, "Give us some more!" "Try that again!"

We made an apology for disturbing them with our poor singing. . . .But as they continued to call for more, we gave them two verses of the "Celestial Army," and begged to be excused (ibid.).

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