Starting the Snowy Range Trip

02 September 1872 - 03 September 1872

James White describes the start of the Snowy Range trip:

It was on Monday, 11:00 a.m., September 2, 1872, when we mounted our horses and ponies for the trip over the Snowy Range into Middle Park. . . . Our course lay along through Rollinsville, BoulderPark, up the mountains through Boulder Pass (HR, January 1873).

By midafternoon a heavy storm came up, and the travelers took refuge in an empty log shanty, where they built a fire in a big stone fireplace. By the time the storm was over, night had almost fallen. As they had brought all their gear in with them, they decided to spend the night there.

The four ladies were on ponies. Mr. Walling had the principal part of the baggage in a wagon drawn by two powerful horses, while Willie and his father were each on a good horse, ready to help in packing baggage up the sharpest ascents, or to assist the ladies in the most dangerous places (ibid.).

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