The Stroke

22 April 1865

She was right, for on Tuesday, April 22, he had his third stroke of paralysis. The stroke was not as crippling as the first one, in August 1865. It was, however, the most severe. Ellen reported what happened:

I had taken about half my dinner when a messenger came with the word my husband had another shock of paralysis. I hastened to the house and found my husband's right arm partially paralyzed. We anointed with oil and then engaged in prayer for his recovery. The Lord came near by His Holy Spirit. My husband was greatly blessed. His arm was strengthened. We felt assured that by the blessing of the Lord he would recover. We moved to the institute. My husband feels cheerful and happy. He now is settled in regard to his duty to drop everything like burdens at Battle Creek and spend the summer in the Colorado mountains (MS 6, 1873).

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